gynaecologist appointment

The gynaecologist is just another doctor, get an appointment!

A gynaecologist’s appointment can offer many advantages to patients, thanks to the close monitoring of their sexual organs. You should not go to the gynaecologist merely to confirm a pregnancy, as some people still believe. These appointments help maintain a general good health while also taking care of a very important part of your body.

During these check-ups, the doctor can detect most organic disorders, even the most insignificant. This is a very good strategy to prevent some illnesses:

Periodical gynaecological check-ups are also important for family planning, considering the interests and the physical conditions of the patients. This can be achieved, for instance, through the use of the contraceptive pill or intrauterine devices (IUD), amongst other birth control methods.

In any case, a gynaecological appointment is recommended at least once a year. Regardless of the patient’s profile, from young girls to women who have already entered the menopause. It is often a mistake to get an appointment only for reproductive reasons. Don’t forget all other important issues pertaining a woman’s health that require a very close monitoring of their internal organs.

gynaecologist appointment

The preventive function of a gynaecological consultation

The gynaecological examinations constitute a tool that all women nowadays should adopt as a preventive strategy. To do this, certain very precise procedures will be followed to find out if there are any abnormalities present in your sexual organs.

One of the most frequent tests is the vaginal smear test. It is essential to check if any malignant cells have been developing in this part of the body. It is performed by taking a sample of all the elements existing in the cervix. It’s a decisive test for the premature diagnosis of cancer, being the most effective way to prevent it or, at least, to catch it in time and start the most appropriate treatment for its eradication. This is one of the reasons why all women should go to their gynaecologist for periodic check-ups.

The need for periodic check-ups

Another very important aspect of gynaecological examination is the ultrasound scan. It is necessary for all women over 50 years old. These will give you informationon the internal state of your genital organs. It is very useful to locate any alterations inside the uterus or the appearance of cysts or polyps in this part of the body.

gynaecologist appointment

Discovering an anomaly is the most important first step to check its evolution during the following months and it is important that this discovery takes place in the first months in which these organic processes develop. In addition, depending on the age of the woman and the data recovered during the exploration, for further complementary tests may be warranted: a mammogram, bone density test, etc.

And, when speaking of gynaecological consultations, we should not forget all the aspects related to the reproductive function of women: from the monitoring during pregnancy to the planning to help increase fertility for those women who wish to have children. There are all kinds of tests to help determine what is the factor or factors that prevent a woman from becoming pregnant.

All women should be aware of the importance that periodic gynaecological check-ups can have for their health.

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