(*) The photographs do not correspond to real donors, to preserve their anonymity.
EGG DONATION Your step-by-step guide to donating eggs WE'RE HERE TO HELP EVERY STEP OF THE WAY

How to donate eggs

There are four main stages involved in the egg donation process:

Learn about the process

In the first appointment, our donor coordinator will explain the egg donation programme and the donation process in detail in order to ensure that you fully understand the process and will answer any question you have.

We will also take a full medical history, and give you the opportunity to talk about your health and your family’s health.

If everything is ok, an ultrasound scan of your reproductive system will be performed by our specialist, to ensure that there are no potential problems.


The clinic counsellor will arrange to talk with you about what donating your eggs means to you and your family. It will be an opportunity for you to explore and consider the implications of egg donation.
The session will be face to face but we can offer Skype if necessary.

Meet the Fertility Specialist

You will attend the clinic for a consultation with a fertility specialist. Some medical tests will be performed in order to confirm your acceptability for the programme and to ensure that you are not exposed to any risk. At IVIDonor your health is our first priority.
You will meet our doctor to discuss medical aspects of the procedure and ask any questions that you may still have. Our donor coordinator will give you a provisional plan based on all screening coming back as normal. She will keep in contact with you throughout the treatment cycle.

Donation cycle

Stimulation Injections
On the second day of your period, you start taking daily injections of a hormone that stimulates your ovaries to produce multiple egg-containing follicles. You’ll attend the clinic two to three times over two weeks for scans, and possibly blood tests, to monitor your response to the medication.

Ultrasound Appointment
We will do an ultrasound scan to see if your follicles are ready, and the stimulation period will end with a trigger injection that matures the eggs in the follicles, ready for egg collection. The egg collection procedure will usually happen 36 hours after the trigger injection.

Egg Collection

You will be given an appointment to collect the eggs approximately 36 hours after the trigger injection. The procedure takes about half an hour, and an anaesthetist will give you drugs to help you relax and entirely comfortable during the procedure.

Following the procedure you will be given some refreshments and spend some time recovering in the clinic (approximately 1 hour). When the medical team confirms that everything is fine, you can go home and continue with normal life. You must have a friend or family member accompany you home after the collection. You may have a small amount of bleeding, and feel some tummy cramps similar to period pain. This should only last for a few days.

We will arrange for a follow up appointment with you in the clinic 4 to 6 weeks after the procedure.

At IVI clinics, we have been performing this type of procedure for more than 25 years. We have an excellent team of professionals who specialize in taking care of our donors.