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2 litres of water a day?

Just between us… It’s not the first time you’ve heard about how wise and beneficial drinking 2 litres of water a day is for your health, but… have you ever wondered if it’s really true?

Curiosity did not kill the cat, so we are going to reveal the origin of this statement, give you guidelines as to how to put it into practice and what real benefits drinking 2 litres of water a day brings.

Myth or reality?

This statement did not come about by chance. It is based on the rule that the human body needs to receive the same amount of water as it loses in order to strike a balance. That is why it is so important to keep your body hydrated on a daily basis. However, the amount we need is not the same for all of us…

How do we lose water?

  • Through normal bodily excretions: Through urine and fluids, fluids get absorbed.
  • Through the skin: Through sweat, we lose water so it is extremely important to stay hydrated during physical activity, such as sport.
  • Through breathing itself: As we breathe, air is humidified inside the body through the trachea and bronchi causing our exhalation to contain water droplets.

Although it is advisable to drink two litres of water, this might be more depending on how much water you lose throughout the day. Two litres is only used as a general parameter. If you’re very physically active, you will need more. If you are overweight, you will also need a greater quantity.

Two litres of water might sound difficult, but it is as simple as drinking 8 glasses of water a day. See? Way easier than you think, and one of the cheapest and most effective health benefits, accessible to everybody.

But what are the other benefits of drinking water? From preventing ageing and helping you lose weight, this healthy habit will benefit you in lots of ways. Let’s continue…

What benefits does drinking 2 litres of water a day bring?

1. It delays the ageing process.

A lack of water in the body contributes to premature wrinkles, so drink up if you want to avoid fine lines and crows feet. Drinking 2 litres of water a day will also give your face luminosity and helps you avoid oily skin, acne and blackheads.

2. It nurtures the body, which nurtures the mind.

Did you know that drinking 2 litres of water a day cleanses toxins from your body, gives you energy and helps with fatigue? Staying hydrated can bring a good dose of brain power and vitality to your day. It also helps your kidneys regain balance.

Forget about energy drinks, there is a natural remedy and now you know what it is!

3. It can help you to lose weight.

You may already know the benefits of drinking water as an aid for weight loss. Although staying hydrated can boost and accelerate the process of losing weight, it must be accompanied by proper nutrition and regular exercise.

What’s more, according to scientists, drinking water reduces your appetite which can lead to lower food consumption. Although this favours weight loss, it should always be done in a responsible manner. Make sure to take care of your body by keeping healthy habits and keeping your basal metabolism active. This will accelerate the process of burning calories, without the effort!

4. No more urinary tract infections!

Water helps the urinary system get rid of toxins. If you tend to struggle with urinary infections, then you will know how uncomfortable things get. By drinking 2 litres of water a day, it helps to dilute the urine and also means you will urinate frequently, flushing away nasty bacteria from the urinary tract before an infection can begin. It’s no myth… Get ahead!

Slowly but surely…

To up your water intake and put your new healthy habit into practice, you can follow these simple steps to incorporate it into your life in an easy and effortless way:

  • Treat yourself to a new water bottle. Nowadays, there are a huge amount of reusable water bottles which are eco-friendly, easy to carry, and look great. By finding one you really like, it can also act as a handy reminder to take a sip.
  • Set yourself reminders. By setting yourself reminders using a device such as your phone, it can help you form a habit and regulate your water intake.
  • Distribute your water intake between meals. Drinking water can aid weight loss because we often eat to excess because we think we’re hungry, but we’re actually thirsty. If you still feel hungry after eating a meal, it’s often because your body is asking to be hydrated! Keeping up a regular intake of water between meals can help avoid overeating.
  • Don’t force it! Often, it’s the body itself that tells us when to drink water. Drink to refresh your body: don’t force yourself or obsess too much over your ‘8 glasses’. To live a healthy life, taking care of the mind is just as important. Make sure you rationalise habits without turning them into forced principles.
  • Don’t drink in excess. Water is very good for you, but don’t go overboard. Drinking too much water in a short space of time may result in nausea, headache and dizziness due to an excessive amount of water passing through the nervous system.
  • When it’s hot, drink up. During the summer, you lose more fluids due to the rise in the temperature. During the summer months, increase your water intake to stay hydrated.

lose weight

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