10 interesting facts about menstruation

Menstruation is a fact of life that all women have to deal with every month. However, although we may think that we already know everything there is to know about this very natural process, there are many things that may well surprise you. Let’s take a look below at 10 interesting things about menstruation:

1. Fake periods

Many women are not aware that when you use hormonal treatments such as the pill or the vaginal ring, your menstrual bleeding is fake. These decrease the production of certain hormones involved in your period, preventing the lining of your uterus from forming. As a result of this, it is normal for women using these methods to notice that their periods are lighter.

2. Spotting

Another important thing to know about these contraceptives is that you can experience some spotting between periods. This phenomenon is known as intermenstrual bleeding and it is very common: there is no need to worry about it. However, if this is very heavy or if it starts to become annoying, the time has come to see a gynaecologist in order to choose another more suitable treatment.


3. Colour

In relation to spotting and bleeding, it is interesting to know what the different colours can signify. Dark or coffee-coloured blood can give you a fright. However, all it means is that the blood has been retained for longer, whereas bright red bleeding indicates more recent blood loss.

4. Voice

Women’s voices change during the premenstrual period. These tend to become deeper due to hormonal changes. Research has shown that these changes to women’s voices usually make them less attractive to men, because men prefer the voices of women who are not in the premenstrual period.

5. Attraction

In spite of the fact that the previous point was hardly encouraging, this one is more positive. Women who are in the ovulatory phase appear physically more attractive to men. Their appearance and manner change, becoming more attractive. Be on the lookout next time to see if you notice whether, during these few days, men pay you more attention.

6. Premenstrual syndrome

Many people think that PMS is merely a myth, an excuse for mood swings. However, there is a real change in the hormone balance, which leads to an altered state of mind. This is accompanied by anxiety, headaches and irritability.

7. Amount of bleeding

Heavy bleeding is usually a source of alarm and inconvenience for many women. However, in the majority of cases, that is all it is: something inconvenient. Nevertheless, if you find yourself having to change your towel or tampon more than twice an hour, it is recommended that you see your gynaecologist.


8. Hygiene

Sanitary towels and tampons have long been virtually the only options available for periods. However, there is another method that is gaining in popularity: the menstrual cup. These cups are made from materials that prevent irritation and allergies. They can be used for 12 hours without needing to be changed or washed, and they are used in the same way as a tampon.

9. Shopping

During the days when you have your period, impulsiveness also increases. It has been shown that some women tend to shop to excess when they are menstruating. This need for overdoing things may be related to the mood swings associated with premenstrual syndrome.

10. Changes

Medical conditions interfere with the regularity of your period. Periods can be affected by eating disorders and can even stop altogether. They are also affected by cancer and cardiac diseases. However, this does not mean that not having periods is a symptom of a serious illness: often it is due to simple disorders.