Reasons to donate eggs

There are many reasons to donate eggs. First of all, infertility is one of the main problems faced by many couples nowadays. Stress, age, anxiety or genetic background are direct causes that affect reproduction. Egg donation is one of the most favourable options for couples who have difficulty having children.

Why donate eggs?

If you are looking for reasons to donate eggs, we will tell you some of them. Within the different processes of assisted reproduction, egg donation is one of the most commonly used in older women who have problems becoming mothers. This system involves a series of benefits for those women who wish to be donors:

1. You will help many people achieve their dream

Not all couples who want children can have them. There are many people who due to their circumstances cannot achieve their dream of having children. You will help them make their greatest dreams come true. You will be part of an incredible experience in which the ultimate goal will be the creation of a new life.

reasons to donate eggs

2. You will be given free medical tests

By donating eggs you will benefit from a series of free tests and analyses that will inform you of the state of your health at no cost to you.

3. Short process

The egg donation process takes about a week. The procedure lasts approximately 20 minutes. About three hours after the pick-up you can go back to normal life.

4. Very low risks

There is currently a great deal of information and research that has greatly minimized the risks. After donating, most female donors mention their satisfaction throughout the process. Most of them even repeat the experience.

5. You will receive financial compensation

According to current regulations, it is illegal to pay for egg donation in the UK. However egg donors can receive compensation of up to £750 per donation ‘cycle’ to cover their costs. A donation cycle is one complete round of treatment, at the end of which the eggs are collected and donated.

How to become an egg donor

If you are a young woman in good health and you are considering the possibility of donating eggs, it is important that you know the necessary requirements:

  1. To be of legal age
  2. To be fertile, so women between 18 and 35 are required.
  3. To undergo a psychological interview.
  4. To carry out some psycho-technical tests.
  5. To undergo medical tests to ensure the donor is in good medical condition. These tests involve a series of gynaecological check-ups, as well as a full blood test.

In many countries, egg donation is included in the organ donation category. Being a donor means you are a very generous person and you like to make other people happy. Having children is the dream of many couples. A dream that depends on you and your goodwill.

Who knows, in the future, you may need another woman’s eggs to become a mother. In addition, you will benefit from a wonderful experience.

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