anti-ageing creams

When should I start using anti-ageing creams?

Maintaining great skin when you’re an adult is a result of a long-term process and therefore, investing in anti-ageing skincare products pays off. However, there is always the question of when it is advisable to start using that kind of creams?

Anti-ageing cream commercials appear on the television on a regular basis. There seems to be an infinitive number of the products, with a great array of properties.

Most of the time we think “this has nothing to do with me, right?”, but there comes a time when we really start doubting if the moment has come to start using anti-ageing products because…

  •  Does anyone know what the right age is?
  •  Is there an “age of no return” or one that makes it impossible to regain lost elasticity?
  •  I mean are these little wrinkles around my eyes a result of smiling or are those crow’s feet already?

Are anti-ageing creams for older people?

We tend to associate creams with anti-ageing effect with women at a more mature age who show visible signs of ageing. Nevertheless, you do not have to wait to have wrinkles to start using the creams, in keeping with the saying “prevention is better than cure.

How to have a healthy complexion?

One of the most important factors at play for having a healthy complexion is hydration. So is protecting it against external agents, such as the sun and our exposure to it during holiday and that is why we should take care of our skin.

Getting used to applying hydrating facial creams is the first step. It is advisable to make it a part of your routine at an early age. For example, starting in your adolescence creates a habit and later on, it seems effortless. Moreover, applying sunscreen protecting your skin against UVA rays is fundamental not only during summer months.

It is common knowledge that precisely the sun is one of the agents that contribute to ageing, as it has the capacity to eliminate collagen. Without the substance, our skin cannot have elasticity and we start losing it around the age of 25.

anti-ageing creams

What is the best age to start using “anti-ageing” creams?

As you can imagine, it is impossible (also, pointless) to determine a specific age at which everybody should start applying anti-ageing creams. What we can do, however, is to stipulate an approximate age so that you have a vague idea.

Why at the age of 25?

As we had already mentioned, from the age of 25 on, on average, our skins starts losing its capacity to produce collagen. That is precisely why it is the right time to begin with preventive measures. However, it is important not to get obsessed, as it does not mean that from that moment on, we start losing elasticity faster and wrinkles appear. In reality, this process is gradual, so we should be realistic without becoming obsessed with the issue.

Which areas should I focus on?

While applying this kind of creams, it is advisable to pay special attention to the area around your eyes, as it is the most delicate. What is more, we should take into account that anti-ageing creams are not miraculous and one application will no change your looks.

You must pay attention to their regular application, month by month. To sum up, turning 25 years old is a key moment to start preventing wrinkles and caring for our skin with a special kind of love. Make sure you do that!

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