Having sex during your period

Having sex during your period

In the past, we used to think that having sex during your period was forbidden. Even though we are much better informed now and this information is accessible to all, certain taboos surrounding sex remain. We want you to be up-to-date and that is why we will explain some issues regarding having sex during your period.

Having sex during your period?

According to the doctors, yes. Of course you can! Though it may seem a bit dirty, the truth is that having sex during your period is not dangerous. That’s a myth.

As many of us may well know, period blood comes from the rests of endometrium or the inner uterine lining which shed because the hormonal changes accompanying a pregnancy did not take place. That is why intercourse is not dangerous if the woman is healthy. Having sex during your period poses no risk for our health.

There is, however, one threat. Remember that blood is a substance that may transmit some diseases. Safe sex has nothing to do with whether you have it while menstruating or not; it has to do, as you must know by now, with the use of a condom. The condom is a type of contraceptive that protects you from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Other related myths

Another great myth is to think that if we have sex during the period, we will not get pregnant. You couldn’t be more wrong. To avoid unwanted pregnancies, use the right protection.

Having sex during your period doesn’t have to be bad, it’s actually normal for many people, although there are also those who prefer to wait until the period is over. However, you must know that when a woman is menstruating, the extra lubrication during this phase can be of great help to enjoy sex even more.

Some women say that when they are menstruating, an orgasm helps them to ease the pain that the menstrual cramps cause.

However, if you or your partner do not feel comfortable with the situation, you can always try to find solutions like putting a couple of towels on the bed or having sex under the shower.

Now that we’ve torn down some myths, for sure you will feel more relaxed about the topic. When the subject of having sex during your period comes up, you already have more arguments and suggestions to share with your friends.

What do you think about the whole thing?